The ETTEP Academy promotes
training in values

ETTEP Academy firmly believes in teaching values to the athlete which aims to perform in high competition

Soccer player personal development

Our goal is to support our players in reaching a level of excellence; for this, we develop our comprehensive training methodology to strengthen their potential. We achieve this by focusing on these key areas: technique, tactics, sports intelligence, psychological skills and values.

We not only aspire to train our footballers for top competition but also that their time at our centre contributes to the holistic development of their character for the game and life.

Soccer player’s psychological and social skills

Part of our training methodology includes a series of psychological and social skills typical of elite athletes that will contribute to their sports development. We understand a player has to function well socially and feel confident internally: We share techniques for Motivation, Concentration, Mental strength, Confidence, Emotional and stress control, Optimism and Positivity, Ability to communicate, Teamwork, Empathy, Humility, and Leadership ability.

Education in values

The values ​​that our training transmits are essential to achieve sporting progress, and necessary in the process of personal development, as well as for future social relationships: Effort, Perseverance, Overcoming and achievement orientation, Discipline, Commitment, Initiative, Demand , Obedience, Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Fellowship, Friendship.

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