Training in values

ETTEP Academy firmly believes in teaching values to the athlete which aims to perform in high competition

La formación en valores

Personal development

Our main goal is to achieve our players’ excellence. Therefore, we develop our own methodology whose main point is comprehensive education: technique, strategy, sports intelligence, psychological abilities and values.

We aim not only for training our football players for high competition, but also for contributing to develop their personality and future opportunities during their stay at ETTEP Academy.

La formación en valores alumnos ETTEP

Psychological and social abilities

In our tutoring, we teach a series of psychological and social abilities found in professional athletes which contribute to their sports development and their personal and social future:
motivation, concentration, mental strength, confidence, emotional and stress control, optimism and positivism, communication capacity, teamwork, empathy, modesty, and leadership skills.

Values education

Our training transmits essential values so as to achieve sports progress, required as well in the process of personal development and their future social relationships: effort, perseverance, overcoming and achievement orientation, discipline, compromise, initiative, exigence, obedience, respect, responsibility, cooperation, team spirit, and friendship.

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