Our technical team

Our technical team consists of young passionate, energic, inspired athletes, committed to ETTEP Methodology and the specific analysis to create the suitable tasks for our players. ETTEP technical team is unique. Our coaches are knowledgeable about ETTEP Methodology. Some members of the technical team are alumni of the academy and all of them are committed to the teaching and sharing of the methodology. In order to reinforce the efficacy of ETTEP Methodology, the technical team is reunited each week to improve our working system, to give the best to our athletes.

Dirección General

Alberto Marrama



Representative of Russia


Representative of Australia


Players and goalkeepers coordinator

David Segarra

Strategic Direction

Manuel Marrama


David Tur

Players coach

Javi Canó

Coordinator - Coach


Goalkeeping coach

Joel Garzón

Goalkeeping coach

Joan Mangriñán

Players coach

Iñaki Rodríguez

Goalkeeping coach


Players coach

Chema Pedrosa

Players coach

Manel Segarra

I want to be part of the ETTEP family