Our technical team

Our technical team consists of young passionate, energic, inspired athletes, committed to ETTEP Methodology and purpose. ETTEP technical team is unique. Our coaches are knowledgeable about ETTEP Methodology and understand the importance of engaging with younger athletes to support their needs. Some members of the technical team are alumni of the academy and all of them are committed to the teaching and sharing of the methodology. To reinforce the efficacy of ETTEP Methodology, the technical team is reunited each week to improve our working system, to give the best to our athletes.

Dirección General

Alberto Marrama



Strategic Direction

Manuel Marrama


David Tur

Players and goalkeepers coordinator

David Segarra

  • Academia ETTEP Coach since 2015
  • Physical Trainer Villarreal CF (U-19) Currently
  • Physical trainer Villarreal CF (U16, U14) 2021-2022
  • Physical trainer Villarreal CF (U15, U13) 2020-2021
  • Physical trainer Villarreal CF (U16, U14) 2019-2020
  • Football Coach Villarreal CF (U12, U10) 2018-2019
  • UD Coach and Coordinator 2012-2018

Coordinator coach


Goalkeeping coach

Salva Ferrer

  • Academia ETTEP Coach since 2012
  • 2 years in the football base of Club La Vall

  • 2 years Youth Soccer Villarreal C.F.

  • Level 1 football coach title.

Goalkeeping coach

Joel Garzón

  • Academia ETTEP Coach since 2019
  • Villarreal CF goalkeeping coach since 2019
  • CF Dame goalkeeping coach 2015-2019
  • Goalkeeping coach Fotviagoalkeeper Academy 2013-2015
  • Goalkeeper coach for different Catalan clubs 2011-2015

Goalkeeping coach

Joan Mangriñán

  • Academia ETTEP Coach since 2016

Players coach

Iñaki Rodríguez

  • Academia ETTEP Coach since 2020
  • Platges de Moncofa coach 2017-2020
  • UDE Coach 2020-2021

Goalkeeping coach

Carlos Moreno

  • Academia ETTEP Coach since 2020
  • Assistant goalkeeper coach Juvenile ‘B’ 2019-2022
  • Goalkeeping coach Villarreal C.F, Benjamín ‘A’/Alevín ‘A’. 2018-2022
  • Goalkeeping coach Villarreal C.F, Benjamín ‘B’/Alevín ‘B’. 2017-2018
  • Coach at the E.F Benicató Amateur, 2015-2016
  • Youth football goalkeeper coach, UDE 2014-2015
  • Benjamín team coach at Benicató Football School 2013-2014

Goalkeeping coach


Players coach

Chema Pedrosa

I want to be part of the ETTEP family