International Trainings


• Designed to instil the ETTEP work methodology in football players from other countries.
• Combination of customised individual training and training with local Spanish teams.
• Duration of the personalized program. Minimum one week duration.
• Individualized video analysis sessions.
• Organization of tourist packages.
• Experiences for parents while your child trains.


The ETTEP methodology: PERCIEVE, DECIDE, EXECUTE. Over 10 years of experience at the ETTEP Academy has allowed us to develop our own unique methodology on which we base the training of all our Footballers.

Course Options

• ETTEP clothing pack: 2 T-shirts, 2 pants, 2 socks, 1 raincoat.
• 4 specific personalized training sessions per week in the mornings (Technical Analysis) of 1 hour duration each session.
• 3 Group trainings per week with ETTEP Academy and zone team in the afternoons (Tactical analysis) lasting 1h 30m each session.
• 2 Individualized video analysis sessions with ETTEP technician in our training center.
• Final personalized evaluation in digital format at the end of the course.
• Transfer roundtrip airport (Valéncia)
• Transfers included for all activities carried out by the Academy. Note: Possibility of carrying out more specific personalized training sessions at a cost of € 50 per session of 1 hour duration.

Course departments

Psychology Department: is in charge of generating emotional stability, creating a personalized academic plan for the player and motivating the player so that their day-to-day life is stable and happy.
Our department intervenes on variables that influence performance, for example the management of pressure, concentration or motivation among others. The objectives of working on a psychological level are to optimize performance and learning, educate values, prevent abandonment, improve the athlete’s confidence in competition and establish eating, resting and study habits.
Player control department: it is in charge of coordinating all the departments in order to extract all the information and put it at the service of the players and their families. The person in charge of this department is the technical direction that is in daily contact with the players.
Audiovisual department: It is the department in charge of creating the individual videos of our students to extract all the possible information to find their individual improvement. It is responsible for recording training sessions and matches to be edited later by our technicians. We have a classroom created and equipped with projectors and blackboards to view these videos and to be able to be analyzed while they are being viewed.
Physical evaluation: It will be extracted through physical tests that our physical department will carry out individually to the player.
Psychological evaluation on and off the field. The player will be assigned a sports psychologist to carry out a psychological evaluation of the player. Our department will work individually so that when the course is finished the player has a personalized individual plan.

What our students say?

Train like a true professional