ETTEP training centre

We prioritize the individual evolution of each player from their base level by setting custom temporary objectives.


We keep in mind all the variables that determine your profile, both the skills: technical, tactical and conditional, as well as the attitudes: motivation, concentration, confidence, etc. We develop our methodology and adapt the model at different levels of training depending on the progress of each player. Our Centre is an essential part to our comprehensive method with audio-visual technology applied to the analysis of the training of each player and their evolution.

The ETTEP Training Centre is the space for theoretical, educational and psychological preparation through individualized intervention and technical talks, accompanied by the viewing of videos and recordings obtained during the competition or during training sessions.

The ETTEP Academy Training Centre is a fundamental piece in the development of our methodology.
Thanks to our facilities we can carry out technical-tactical training through audiovisual resources so that players can analyze and be aware of their errors and improvements.

In this space we also hold meetings with the parents of our students.

We explain to them in detail the evolution of our students so that they too are part of the training process, being aware of the monitoring and progress of their children.

It is the center where we hold weekly meetings with the technical team to carefully analyze the development of the week and propose improvements and problem solving.

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