Group Trainings

Our annual course provides specific and customised individual training, based on effort, motivation, and a unique work methodology.


Our main objective is that students can compete throughout the season in the best physical, technical and psychological conditions, preventing injuries during the course of the season.


37 sessions – 1 session / week
1 trimester: September 14 to December 19 = 14 sessions
2nd quarter: January 11 to April 17 = 14 sessions
3rd quarter: April 19 – June 19 = 9 sessions
PLAYERS: We will establish small groups, maximum 10 students per group.
GOALKEEPERS: We will establish small groups, 5 goalkeepers per coach.


Monday to Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Holidays and suspended classes are recovered.
From the age of cherubs (initiation psychomotor jobs) to the age of cadets.


▸ MAPFRE medical coverage
▸ Sweatshirt
▸ ETTEP T-shirt
▸ Shorts
▸ Option: raincoat, long pants, sports bag
▸ 37 sessions of 1h./week
▸ Training plan applying the ETTEP methodology with certified trainers.
▸ Quarterly personalized assessment of our goalkeepers plus a follow-up of our technicians during the competition matches of our students in their teams.

ETTEP Headquarters

Starting this year, we open new facilities at our headquarters in La Vall d´Uixó. Therefore, all trainings will take place at our ETTEP Headquarters.

The new facilities have:
▸ Integrated gym
▸ State-of-the-art artificial grass pitch
▸ Automatic irrigation
▸ Specific disinfection area for players and coaches
▸ Adapted changing rooms
▸ Specific sports equipment to develop the player’s talent.

Extra Module

Our monitoring and video analysis system consists of recording players from our academy in their clubs.
A personalized video editing is carried out and the conclusions are drawn that are shared with the player, parent and / or guardian in our Training Centre.
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▸ Payment of tuition for new students must be made at the time of enrollment.
▸ Every two years the registration will be renewed and new clothes will be distributed.
▸ Discounts: For being students of the Annual Course, you get a 10% discount on all intensive courses at the ETTEP Academy. Brothers 10% of the total in the annual ETTEP course.
▸ We have a transport network for our ETTEP students.

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